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Reverse Stroke
Part 1

Reverse Stroke
Part 2


Dr. Mel Richardson, a board certified anesthesiologist specializing in pain management, is now offering a revolutionary new approach to treat chronic back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and residual symptoms of stroke.

Dr. Richardson recently completed a certification program at the Institute for Neurological Research in Los Angeles.  He is one of only two physicians in Florida who are certified in these life-changing patented techniques. These treatments take only a few minutes in the comfort of the physician's office with no anesthesia needed.

In studies, this new treatment using off-label Enbrel (Etanercept) for chronic neck/back pain, Alzheimer's disease, and chronic stroke demonstrated positive outcomes in a short time compared to other treatments.

With disc herniation and related spine disorders that can occur following falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or just in the course of ordinary life, there can be a devastating impact on your quality of life. Daily neck, back, and leg pain, difficulty sitting, standing, walking or lifting can last a lifetime. Spinal surgery may not always be the answer as it can cause or add serious complications.

For patients with chronic spine pain who want an alternative to epidural steroid injections and surgery, this treatment can provide lasting relief.

Etanercept is injected near the source of pain and can result in relief in just a few minutes. The patient may return to their daily activities as directed by their physician.

For the treatment of early Alzheimer's disease and related forms of dementia, a perispinal Etanercept injection is given. The patient may see results within minutes of the injection.

Chronic stroke has long been thought to be irreversible but now this treatment changes current thinking about the potential for recovery of function, even years after the acute event. After the injection, symptoms may be diminished or stabilized.






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