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  - Enbrel Injection
     Chronic Back/Neck
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     Early Stage
  - Enbrel Injection
     Chronic Stroke

Hyperbaric O2 Therapy Improve
Concussion Syndrome Years...

Hyperbaric O2 Induces
Late Neuroplasticity in
Post Stroke Patients


Winkelstein Ch 19
Intervertebral Disc Herniation
Cite 2014


Pain Management in
Neurocritical Care

Inhibition of Src kinase activity...


Beneficial effect of TNF-α
 inhibition on diabeticperipheral neuropathy


Cytokine gene polymorphisms and outcome after traumatic brain injury


Soluble TNF receptor 1-secreting
 ex vivo-derived dendritic cells
reduce injury after stroke


Florida Health Care
with Dr Mel Richardson
Summer 2010


Florida Health Care
with Dr Mel Richardson
Fall 2010


Selective TNF Inhibition for Chronic Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury
October 2012


King R-7050 Intracerebral



Etanercept Daily
Mail 2011


Dr Mel Richardson
Pain Management Interview


Epidural administration of spinal nerves with the tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitor, etanercept...


Proinflammatory cytokines


Unusual therapy success for
 stroke victim
Video Link


Journal of Neurochemistry


Etanercept attenuates pain-related behavior following compression of the dorsal root ganglion in the rat


3 Stages of Alzheimer's
Disease Introduced


2011 Alzheimer’s Disease
 Facts and Figures



Intrathecal Etanercept Partially
 Restores Morphine’s


Tobinick Etanercept for Stroke
 CNS Drugs 2011


TFN Inhibitors Assoiated with
Decreased Risk for AD in RA





Medical News



New Therapeutic Paradigm

Medscape News


Rapid Cognitive Improvement


Perispinal Inhibition
for Discogenic Pain


New Therapeutic Paradigm


Tumor Necrosis
...Postop Cognitive   Decline


Efficacy of etanercept delivered by perispinal administration for chronic back and/or neck discrelated pain






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